New Beginnings

This year is going to bring about a lot of changes for me.
The good kind of changes. Fingers crossed.

I’m excited to say that I will be moving on to a job opportunity with a startup based out of New York City, called Extend. I’ll be joining as the sole Android developer, working remotely from my lovely city, Durham. With this new position, I’ll be facing new challenges along the way and gaining new experiences.

I’ll be figuring out how to build a new routine around not having to drive to a workplace every morning. I’m hoping that this offers me more time to eat healthier, un-rushed breakfasts and visit the gym in the mornings a few times a week. More importantly, I’m hoping it will help me have a little more time to spend with my family, which, by the way, will be expanding soon. ;)

If you’ve worked 100% remote before, how has it worked out for you?
What does your routine look like?
Do you tend to stay home or do you work from coffee shops and co-working spaces more often?
Leave a comment below.